Orchid Delivery Service NYC

About us

Originally from St. Petersburg the cultural capital of Russia, I have long been exposed to an extraordinary history of high art, lavish architecture, and rich cultural traditions. I continue to be nurtured and inspired by some of the modern world’s greatest contributors of literature, music and visual art. Meeting New York City in 1991 was an exciting and powerful moment in my life and City still excites me every day. Important lesson New York taught me is that you can make your dreams come true and everything is possible!

Fashion is my inspiration.

Having worked successfully as a fashion model for many years I have had the pleasure of developing creative professional relationships with some of the most talented and artistic minds. These associations ultimately inspired my own interests in creative design. I have studied floral design at Parsons School of Design and landscape design at New York Botanical Garden. I am in fact today very much like a fashion designer – except instead of using fabric my main material is magnificent Orchid Plant. Read my story on How I found my perfect model.

Orchid Diva is dedicated to Orchid’s beauty.

Founded in 2011, Orchid Diva is the only company in New York working exclusively with Orchids and creates unique Orchid arrangements. I believe that Orchid arrangement is an unforgettable gift and extraordinary element to any decor.

I am excited to share with you my passion, visions and creative ideas about Orchid featured designs.

 The Orchid Diva


“You can never go wrong with orchids, just like you can never go wrong with diamonds!”

Juliette Vassilkioti – The Orchid Diva and co-founder of My City Plants