Orchid Delivery Service In NYC
#2 Best Seller
in Double Arrangements

Delight Double White - White

  • Long Lasting Blooms (4 - 6 weeks)
  • Highest Quality Orchids
  • Exquisitely Wrapped  
  • Care Instructions Provided

We deliver arrangements in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Bronx only. Orchid orders must be placed at least 2 business days prior.

Delivery days & time: Tuesdays, Thursdays between 7 am and 6 pm; Saturdays between 7 am and 3 pm.

Delivery fee: $19.95

  • Simple and elegant orchid arrangement with two Phalaenopsis orchids is set in a beautiful ceramic white vase. The texture of the vase delivers more organic and natural feel to it. Delight Double arrangement is a great addition to any style interior of an office or home. Arrangement decorated with green moss, bamboo stick, and raffia.

    Vase size: 8.5”D x 7.5”H

    Vase shape: Round

    Approx. height of the arrangement: 28" - 30"

    Note: There are two plants in this arrangement. Orchid size and shape will vary depending on the availability and blooming cycle. We will always choose the best plants for you.

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