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How To Care For An Orchid Arrangement

How To Care For An Orchid Arrangement

These care instructions are for an Orchid Diva arrangements made with live Phalaenopsis orchid plants and can be applied to other Phalaenopsis orchid arrangements as well.

Orchid arrangement is an arrangement with live orchid plants potted in a vase or decorative pot without drainage.

Orchid arrangements are made for a decorative purpose and are not perfect setting to grow orchids as a house plant.

After orchid in an arrangement stops blooming you can repot orchid and grow it as a houseplant if you like. Read my post about “How to repot Orchids”.

Our care tips help to keep orchid arrangements bloom longer.

On average orchids in an arrangement bloom 4 to 6 weeks but we have seen them last and bloom for up to 12 weeks. Blooming period depends on air quality, watering and light.

Watch our orchid arrangement care video or read detailed instructions below.


Here are few basic rules about care for your orchid arrangement:

Phalaenopsis orchid plants are hardy and don’t require a lot of attention.

1. Watering orchids

After you received an Orchid Diva arrangement please wait 7-10 days before starting watering routine.

Over watering is number one killer for any indoor plants and orchid plants are not an exception. Orchid plants don’t mind to dry out a little between watering. This is especially important for our orchid arrangements as they are not arranged in a container with drainage.

All of our orchid arrangements have decorative material on top like moss or rocks. It is important to check moisture level of potting mix underneath decorative elements before watering.

Check moisture level

Stick your finger about an inch deep into a potting mix, close to plant base, and if it feels moist avoid watering and check again in a few days.

Ice technique

watering orchids with ice

We recommend to use ice cubes to water orchids that are arranged in a vase. Yes, that's right ice!

If your orchid plant potted in a container that has no drainage using ice to water orchids is the best way to avoid root rotting and make sure orchids get the amount of water they need.

Ice cubes will melt and slowly release water over time. This prevents water from sitting at the bottom of a vase. If you have more than one orchid plant in a vase, you’ll want to give each plant serving of 3 large ice cubes. Place ice cubes around each plant, under leaves and close to plant base.

Watering orchids with ice will not harm leaves or roots.

Use 3 large ice cubes per plant on average once every 7-10 days.

Always check moisture level of potting material underneath decorative layer before watering.

When using ice technique to water arrangement that is decorated with moss is best to move moss aside from the base of an orchid plant when placing ice cubes around it. This way water gets to the roots of an orchid plant instead of being mostly absorbed by moss.

2. Light

Orchid arrangement will bloom in any light from low to bright. Do not place your arrangement into direct sunlight.

3. Moisture

Orchid plant likes moisture. Use spray bottle to mist orchid flowers with water to keep them fresh and bloom longer.

4. Clean leaves

Clean leaves weekly. Use moist towel to wipe leaves off dust to help your orchids "breath".

Long lasting blooms of elegant orchid plant will add joy, elegance and beauty into your everyday life.

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