Orchids vs Flowers

5 points how Orchids beat cut flowers

1. Style: Orchids have style on their own, very elegant and exotic. With a touch of creativity and design Orchids can be transformed into great arrangements suitable for any taste and decor. It’s hard to achieve full and breathtaking look with just few stems of flowers, but Orchids have the power to do so even with as little as 2 stems.

Element Orchids vs Flowers

Simple Orchid Arrangement “Element” from Orchid Diva Boutique

2. Cost efficiency:

Simple Orchid Plant in clay pot in flower shop costs about $50+ and regular bouquet almost anywhere in New York City’s famous Deli chain is about $20.

Deli Flowers Orchids vs Flowers

Deli Flowers – same all same…

Orchids have a long blooming period. Cut flowers, on the other hand, need to be replaced every week.

So you can choose to spend $50 every 2 months on elegant Orchids or $160 ($ 20 a week) in 2 months on cut flowers plus weekly trips to Deli.  My choice is Orchids!

When it comes to achieving beauty on a budget Orchid Plants can’t be beat!

3. Variety: Orchids are the largest family of flowers in the world. There are over 25,000 species of Orchids in the world. Orchid plants come in a large variety of color, shape and height.  Yes, there are many different flowers in the world as well but without proper bouquet arranging technique and fillers is so hard to achieve the level of graciousness of simple Orchid Arrangement.

4. Consistency: Orchids are not seasonal plants, they are available all year around and price is consistent. Not all the flowers are available all the time and when they are available off season the price is sky rocking! This means the style of  Orchid Arrangement that you choose is always available.

5. Allergy issues: Flowers are beautiful but for people with allergies vase of flowers is a danger zone; luckily silk and plastic flowers are not the only solution! Orchid plants are safe choice for allergy sufferers! It is important to note, though, that very rarely some orchids may cause a slight skin rash on sensitive individuals.

These amazing Plants can be great addition to any style from retro to modern, cheering element or focal point for any special occasion and unique gift.

Check out my post “How to care for Orchids” to find out how easy it is to maintain this wonderful plant. Visit my Orchid Shop to see beautiful Orchid Arrangements.